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Online Academy

The Online Academy is a solution for serving the needs of a large client population for learning and development.

It provides a full palette of support services without heavy investment in a static software solution at costs that translates to not more than one or two day’s training expenditure per employee. High among the key attractions of the Online Academy is the ease of implementation & use and flexibility that it offers.

The built-in user support and user friendly interfaces enable immediate deployment.

At the same time, the arrangements preclude clients from being stuck with software that boxes them into a fixed mode of operation with limited flexibility.


The Aim of the Academy

Provision of live online coaching to support computer training so that learners can get additional support
outside of the interactive online courses. (online office hours)

* Tutor-led Webinars that reinforce core competencies in a range of subject areas.

* Development of e-books potentially with content from subject matter experts or static content provided by

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