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Emotional Intelligence in the workplace

EIWhich is more essential for life…air or water?

Which is more important for human survival air or water? Which is more important within the workplace IQ or EQ?
Intelligence Quotient (IQ) as the name suggests is used to measure an individual’s cognitive abilities.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the ability to identify, assess and control the emotions of oneself & others. That said, which trait is more important? There is a dire need for both. Much like we are unable to exist without either air or water, within the organisation, persons must possess high IQ and EQ levels for success.

Suzie: You are the most unreliable, waste that I have ever worked with…do you ever get it right? Will I ever get the reports on time…ever!!!
Steve: I am really sorry you feel that way, unfortunately, as I mentioned to you yesterday the accounts department is having a hard time processing within such a short time frame. I understand that the reports are important but this is really unavoidable.

Emotional intelligence enables people to manage their feelings appropriately and effectively thereby fostering better working relationships. It helps to identify both the biases and clarity of one’s thinking patterns that allow them to make sound decisions.

Individuals with high emotional intelligence levels are able to manage their own impulses, communicate effectively with others, solve problems, manage change, and even inject humour to handle potentially tense situations.

Wouldn’t it be handy to have a few people like these on a team? The social, people skills go a long way in accomplishing
the team’s and by extension, the organization’s objectives.

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