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Assessment Centres

acThe Assessment Centre (AC) is an objective method which allows us to obtain more data than can ordinarily garnered
from personal interviews, supervisory ratings, written and oral tests alone.

The AC process overrides the ability of candidates to practice and present well at a time focused interview.
A significant amount of research has been done on how reliable various methods of selection are.
A summary of research on how well methods predict future job performance shows that where perfect prediction
is 1.0, the following selection methods score as follows:

1. Assessment Centres (0.68)
2. Work Samples (0.54)
3. Ability Tests (0.54)
4. Structured Interviews (0.44)
5. Integrity Tests (0.41)

The reliance on Structured Interviews must now be questioned as companies seek to staff and structure the organisation
for success in the information age.

Whist is remains impossible to predict future job performance with real certainty, the Assessment Centre method gives us the best potential. The benefits are great!


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