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Academy FAQ

So what is the Online Academy?

It is a palette of solutions that is designed to achieve the following:

1.     Reduced cost of delivering learning and development.

2.     Expanded reach of learning and development including delivery in multiple locations on

3.     Savings in logistical costs and lost time related to learning and development.

4.     A culture of conducting needs analysis before learning and development.

5.     Savings in interventions by shifting from a generic approach to a targeted gap-filling

6.     The capacity to improve the evaluation of impact and training return on investment (ROI)

7.     Enhanced productivity and return on learning and development investment that is linked to the
focus on areas of specific need.

8.     Improved career development and succession planning leading to greater staff satisfaction and

How difficult is the Online Academy to implement?

1.      High among the key attractions of the Online Academy is the ease of
implementation & use and flexibility that it offers.

2.       Built-in user support and user-friendly interfaces enable immediate

3.       Clients are not stuck with software that boxes them into a fixed mode of
operation with limited flexibility.

What are the deliverables of the Online Academy?

1.       Facilitation of ongoing training needs assessment, competency evaluation and gap

2.       Electronic master tracking system that documents the profiles of learners and tracks their

3.       Supports monitoring of the development of employees.

4.       Online facilitation of the process of identifying what courses are required and when;
announcing the courses; getting applications for the courses; completing registration;
recording results.

5.       Design, launch and reporting on polls to get feedback from users and test user perception
on specific issues. Again, this supports programme evaluation and ROI analysis.

6.       Increased alignment and synchronization of training & development activities across the
client’s locations that are not currently attainable with existing approaches.

7.       Proactive enhancement of ongoing communication from the HR Department and Training
personnel with the target population.

8.       Access to interactive online training.

9.       Building staff and/or customer learning communities using social networking solutions

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