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imgBRichard Dick – Principal Consultant and CEO

Richard Dick is the Principal Consultant and CEO of Development Consulting Center, a firm he founded in 1997 that focuses on Organizational Development. Richard holds a MBA in Organization Development; BA and a Post Graduate Certificate in Organization Development.   Read more>>>




img30Kathryn Jones- Douglas, Consultant

Kathryn has earned a reputation for delivering results with integrity. She is intrinsically innovative and creative, is a keenly intuitive facilitator, and has excellent client relationship management skills. Additionally, her mediation, coaching and mentoring skills are exceptional.  Read more>>>



RogerStHilaireRoger St Hilaire, B.Sc., MOF, CGEIT – Consultant

Roger St Hilaire is an ICT Strategy and Governance Specialist with over 20 years experience in information systems design, development, implementation, and training. His current focus is Governance and Security in ICT to create auditable and repeatable innovation cycles in the business process for business growth.  Read more>>>




img2AGarth Thomas, Consultant

Garth has been actively involved in training since 1972. He has a keen interest in the concepts espoused in ‘Quantum Theory’ as they relate to the nature of the universe: ‘the field of all possibilities’ where individual and organisational growth must take place. He is a believer in the awesomeness of the human potential.  Read more>>>





img27Avery Andrews, Consultant

Avery has been training, facilitating workshops and speaking for diverse audiences locally, in the US and other international territories. He a versatile communicator, with strong interpersonal skills, who have has facilitated for managers, supervisors and line workers.


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